Survey of Teacher attitudes to School-Science-Engineering Partnerships

In July 2002, Clifton Scientific Trust sent a questionnaire to Science Coordinators/Heads of Science in all Bristol LEA schools. 34 responses were received in a three week period (22%). The vast majority of the responses were from primary schools as there are far more primary than secondary schools.

94% respondents reported they would value an opportunity to explore further the potential of such partnerships for their pupils.

66% respondents felt that such partnerships/links would have great educational value for their pupils, and 26% felt they would have significant value. No respondent reported less than moderate value.

The most valued outcomes were reported as

Motivating pupils
Stimulating questioning
Other outcomes reported were

Putting curriculum in context
Stimulating creativity
Seeing science as a human activity
Providing role models
The most valued mode was

Scientist talking with/working with students
Developing a continuing relationship with school
Less valuable were

Scientists giving talks/presentations
One-off visits to schools
The report and further information are available on request.

The Curriculum in Successful Primary Schools is

“… enriched by first-experiences, including visits locally and further afield, contributions from adults with knowledge and skills that could enhance pupils’ learning, and an extensive range of extra-curricular activities”

Office for Standards in Education
October 2002
HMI 553