Meet-a-Medic has been running in Bristol Primary Schools with Bristol University Medical Students since 2005.  Bristol Meet-a-Medic in primary schools 2005-2018  Organised by Clifton Scientific Trust in partnership with the Galenicals, the University of Bristol’s Medical Student’s Society, Meet-a-Medic is much valued by the schools who take part and we are commonly invited back year-on-year.  The medical students engage in dialogue with students from the beginning, talk about their experience of medicine and bring in activities related to their work in hospitals.  A very important aspect which pupils respond to is that the medical students are able to recount and discuss at first hand their own experience of medicine. Our aim is to raise aspiration, to stimulate questioning, to motivate learning, to provide positive role models and to support the curriculum.  Evaluative feedback from teachers confirms that this is exactly what we achieve. The model has great scope to be expanded.  Presently this work is limited to primary schools in the Bristol area. We welcome interest in Meet-a-Medic from schools in the Bristol area.  If you would like to run a Meet-a-Medic  afternoon in your Primary School, please contact

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