UK-Japan Young Scientists Workshops

The UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop Programme brings 16-18 year old school students from both countries to live together and work in small international teams in leading universities with British and Japanese scientists and engineers.  At the end of the week, each team presents its achievements and answers questions in front of an audience including distinguished guests UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop Programme Overview .

The Workshops have amazing impact on the students who participate, not only as young scientists and engineers as evidenced by the quality of their team presentations but also in the team-working and communication skills they develop, in the global awareness they acquire and in the quality of the international friendships they form.

To date since 2001 we have run with our colleagues in Japan 23 of these Workshops impacting more than 1200 students. UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshops 2001-2018 The 2018 UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop were hosted in Cambridge and Tohoku Universities. Taken together 100 school students were involved split roughly equally between the two Workshops, 58 girls, 42 boys working in 17 projects led by British and Japanese scientists and engineers.  The Cambridge Workshop engaged students from 16 schools, the Tohoku Workshop from 14 schools in both countries.  36 teachers accompanied their students. 2018 UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshops

In 2019, we are planning Workshops again in Cambridge and in Kyoto Universities.  Places are still available and if your school would like to take part please do let us know. Invitations to schools are attached below
2019 Cambridge UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop - An Invitation.
2019 Kyoto UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop - An Invitation

We use the resources we raise to the fullest extent to support UK students from disadvantaged communities who would otherwise be excluded.

Lord Rees of Ludlow (Sir Martin Rees FRS) speaking s at the 2012 Cambridge UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop Student Team Presentations